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Value-added Benefits

Replacing an employee costs approximately three times their wages in lost productivity, recruitment and training. 

Temporary employees are often inadequately trained and rarely concern themselves with the success of your business. 

Employees cost money.  Costs associated with employees include federal government regulations (i.e., tax compliance & workplace risk reduction); insurance costs; medical and vacation benefits costs; and other expenses which take profit from your bottom line. 

Professional Publishing is the economical way to get your work done without incurring the cost of overtime or taking the risk of possibly hiring an unqualified or uncaring temporary employee.  You pay only for the work that is done, not watercooler gossip, personal phone calls, or excess coworker chatter.

Here's how we can add 15-30% to your bottom line:

  • You have no federal or state income tax payments or hassles.

  • You incur no workers' compensation fees, insurance costs, vacation, personal or sick time costs.

  • There is no need for you to provide equipment, supplies or office space.

  • You pay for administrative support only when needed for specific projects (some firms may not be able to budget or justify the hiring of administrative staff).

  • We provide assistance for the overworked clerical staff that you have - thereby helping your company avoid employee "office burnout" from multi-tasking.  This alone may reduce high administrative turnover ratios.

  • While we're handling our projects for you, your employees can attend to other pressing matters that may not be receiving the detailed attention required to produce high-quality, professional results.

  • You may see improved performance from employees (with many of their administrative tasks removed), and thus further increase your bottom line.


  • Our focus is proactive client relations and client building.

  • You receive confidential, accurate, affordable & professional service.

  • Your work is delivered on time - or ahead of time!

  • Your services are completely customized - including the software used.

  • We can collaborate via Internet, fax and mail for speed, reliability & your convenience.

  • We offer relationship-oriented service with your needs as the highest priority.



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